Gibt es gesetzliche Voraussetzungen, als CLIL-Lehrkraft unterrichten zu dürfen? (Teil 3)

Nein. Neben Freude an der Sprache sollten die wesentlichen fachspezifischen Inhalte des jeweiligen Unterrichtsgegenstandes im Sinne der Zielsetzung von CLIL vermittelt werden können. (CLIL-Leitfaden für die Umsetzung an HTLs, Herbst 2016, S. 13 bzw. Handreichung zur Umsetzung von CLIL an Höheren land- und forstwirtschaftlichen Schulen, Nov. 2017, S. 13)

Oder anders gefragt: As mentioned here earlier, Italian and Belgian CLIL teachers are supposed to take language exams first. What about the Netherlands, what about CLIL teachers in those TTO schools?

In his recent blog post Patrick de Boer, one of the most popular CLIL trainers in the Netherlands, asks if CLIL teachers need a language qualification and whether the language level says anything about a teacher´s CLIL qualifications. Here´s what Patrick says.

„In my opinion: no. Effective CLIL teaching has to do with many things and language is only one of them. I live in The Netherlands (as you might know) and we ask teachers who are going to teach in CLIL to prove C1 level. /…/ However, teachers are allowed to teach even if they are still preparing for the examinations. These experiences in class are actually a lot more important in my opinion, as classroom English and subject specific phrases are not taken into consideration when you take Cambridge examinations.“

Nevertheless, why not register for Patrick´s free 7-day-video CLIL course starting on 11 February? This is a great opportunity to discover things like …

  • how to integrate the language skills in your lesson
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  • how to motivate students to speak English
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