Lässt sich CLIL auch im Distance Learning verwirklichen?

Richtig, die Frage wurde hier schon einmal gestellt. Vor ungefähr einem Jahr waren viele CLIL-Unterrichtende in einer ähnlichen Situation wie heute … die Pandemie, Home Schooling, Distance Learning. Natürlich funktioniert CLIL auch „over the distance“, anders vielleicht als gewohnt und manchmal mit etwas mehr Aufwand verbunden. Wir haben schon damals auf die CLIL Lesson Plans auf der CEBS-Website verwiesen, viele davon zeigen, wie Tech Tools verschiedenster Art integriert werden können, um CLIL auch im „distance learning mode“ erlebbar zu machen.

Just go for it.

Oder anders gefragt: Is CLIL good for distance learning too?

Ralph Voesenek, a Dutch teacher of Biology at the Beatrix College in Tilburg, runs a CLIL blog especially built for Dutch teachers who teach in bilingual studies at secondary schools, i.e. these Dutch TTO schools I´ve reported about here couple of times before. He provides his colleagues with activities they would like to use in their own lessons, adjust them to their needs and lesson aims. In CLIL CONNECTS Ralph is kind of sceptical whether CLIL properly works in an online setting. He says that one of the most important activities in bilingual education is to learn from each other, work together, talk to each other, extend the students´ vocab and develop their speaking skills. Still, Ralph comes up with a few ideas to think about, and I couldn´t agree more.

  • Variety in your lesson. Which means that the pupils will not work on their laptops the entire lesson.
  • Plan in some video sessions with classmates and/or pupils from other schools (and different countries).
  • You can find useful websites with the toolbar ICT tools & websites.
  • Let classmates with different pace and level of L2 work together on online learning exercises (vary the pairs now and then).
  • Develop exercises where pupils have to answer verbally.
  • Develop tasks where pupils have to read vocab or pieces of text.
  • Let the pupils develop an online presentation. They might want to do a livestream presentation where they share their screen with the viewers.

https://www.clilconnects.com/clil-and-online-learning (03/12/2021)

Why not give it a try again yourself?

For more information, get in touch with your online CLILvoc coach, please.

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