Gibt es Bücher, die man als CLIL-Lehrer/in unbedingt lesen sollte? (Teil 2)

Ja. In der CLIL Booster Model Library stehen Bücher (gelb markiert), die für Einsteiger/innen und Fortgeschrittene gleichermaßen spannend sind und Einblicke in die aktuellen Entwicklungen in der Welt des Content and Language Integrated Learning bieten.

Das eine oder andere Buch eignet sich sicherlich auch als Sommerlektüre 😉

Oder anders gefragt: Besides reading good books, what else can CLIL teachers do to maintain a healthy work-life balance?

Even if you won´t be travelling a lot this summer, what Nicole Hofstadler et al say in their study on CLIL teachers´ wellbeing (The ecology of CLIL teachers in Austria – an ecological perspective on CLIL teachers’ wellbeing.) might be true for you too.

Only 4 teachers stated explicitly that it was difficult for them to stop being a teacher outside of school, explaining that, ‘even if you are travelling somewhere and you see something, you think ‘well, I could use this for my lessons’ . However, while 3 participants claim to be able to ‘very well stop thinking about the job’ , a majority of interviewed teachers  implied that their job does spill into their personal lives as they usually take their work home and/or are mentally occupied with school in that they ‘always keep in mind what do I have to do tomorrow’. (Hofstadler et al., 2020, p. 10)

Food for thought indeed, isn´t it? So better enjoy your holidays, you´ve well deserved them.

For more information, get in touch with your online CLILvoc coach, please.

BTW: This is my last post before the summer break. You´ll read me again in September.

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